I have been developing websites for over 6 years, testing the waters with many hosting providers over the years.

I have recently set up two corporate websites on BigBytes and find the service excellent and considering the space provided and Control options through Cpanel, excellent value for money. I will definitely be using them again in the future.

After-sales service is also very professional and efficient.

- Allen Kiely, offers not only a truly great selection of hosting services for any budget, but a personal touch, as well, with their quick and friendly customer support.

The flexibility of Bigbytes' is truly refreshing and was just what we needed after being disappointed by expensive and rigid companies that failed to see that our needs as their customer is their business. seems to know this and so we can recommend them without hesitation.

- CG Morabito, Director has the best prices for hosting and I really did my homework. Included are all of the latest scripts, tools and other options you'd have to pay hundreds for at another host and you still wouldn't have it all you get at Bigbytes. If that was not enough the tech support is far above what I expected. Often after having difficulty, I will receive a solution the same day.

For a site I pay pocket change a month for I got a dedicated chi bin for pearl scripts, something I know my friend paid extra for. The host is PHP enabled, so I can use all the latest code. I have a built in file manager and page editor and a web shell very similar to angel fire or geocities making it easy to switch unlike other server stuck in the past. Free unlimited email addresses another option lacking on many servers. Multiple web tracking stats, I could go on and on they really have it all.

I happened to want a quick way for viewers to email me personally, with out having to leave the site to do it. After weeks of trying to write a script to do this, I still could not get it to work properly. Finally, i emailed BigBytes and an hour later, they fixed it for me. I would like to thank personally every one at BigBytes for giving me a site I could afford and an excellent service day after day.

I honestly mean that guys even if you dont use it. All my friends pay twice as much for less than half the service, they'll all be coming to BigBytes when their deals run out, thank you.

- John Riquelme,

"I'm impressed with the quick response and fees. Plus, I get more than enough features and services for much less than I ever have before. I recommended all my friends to use awesome service. Keep up the good work".

- Tonia Washington,

BigBytes offers real Budget priced domain and hosting services with ability to expand at any time as needed. Excellent communication, painless setup of a domain and hosting, and a clear, intuitive interface to work in make this definitely the best value for money that I have seen.

- Mark Straver,

BigBytes offers me the reliability and features that I need from a host without all the overhead. Unlike most other hosts, you receive almost immediate responses to your problems and inquiries.

- Lee Haynes,

I was looking for an "inexpensive" hosting site to start out my web presence and I found which beats anything else. But I was very pleasantly surprised to see that I got much more than that: an excellent set of features, performance, reliability and a very quick and helpful service team.

- Adrian Michel,

"I'm not sure what I'm more surprised and pleased about - that the hosting and domain registration is so inexpensive, or that I'm getting so much for my money. Traffic stats, chat, MySQL, FrontPage - there are three dozen utilities that came with my package - for about a third the price of what I had been paying for only my domain registration. And the customer service has been excellent!"

- Wade Waddell

I am a novice in webhosting. I have no idea what expressions like Perl, Apache, bandwidth, MySql etc. mean. All I wanted was a place where I could make my photos available to my friends as a website at not too high a cost.

I found BigBytes to be very affordable, but had my misgivings about what service to expect at this price. I must say, I was very pleasantly surprised. Everything went very smoothly with the registration and installation. The instructions I received were very clear and easy to follow. When I didn't understand some expressions (IP, Nameserver etc.), I got very prompt response to my inquiry and could finish and upload my homepage without trouble. Since then, even during the transition to another server, the site has been operating flawlessly.

I am very satisfied with BibBytes and am already planning to upgrade to a higher level.

- Werner Muckenhirn,

I appreciate the range of different plans available, being a startup user I have very small capacity and bandwidth requirements. BigBytes offered an appropriate plan with a great low price. Price is probably the most amazing thing about the BigBytes service, compared with prices for similar service here in New Zealand, BB's price was 10-20 times cheaper! Unbelievable. I'm glad I chose to shop around for hosting.

- James F. Houston,

I publish a small, personal website, and offers just the level of service I need. They provide me with an inexpensive solution, without sacrificing quality or service. has excellent service; I can usually expect a reply to a question within several hours. Their technicians are very flexible and are willing to make modifications to their servers to accommodate my needs as a webmaster.

All of my prior web hosts charged the same low rates as, but failed to offer an adequate level of service. The technicians at notify me of any server upgrades, and let me know immediately of any server problems; it is great to know exactly what is going on with my site. offers a low cost alternative to other web hosts, with great service and options for a webmaster. For less than six dollars a month, I get three-hundred megabytes of web space with one gigabyte of transfers. This is by far one of the best deals on the net!

- Stephen Maloney,

I have been throughly pleased with my decision to have host my website. The price is amazing and the service is out of this world. Keep up the great work!

- Dianna Armstrong, provides the best hosting service ever! When I have a problem, I receive a quick response within hours! The customer service and overall perfomance is outstanding and is highly recommended. I rarely have problems with the server and they keep me informed of any possible interruption with my service so I can be prepared, if it ever happens. They are great!

- Daniel Rico,

What I like most about BigBytes.Net is not only it's user-friendly control panel that lets me and my group of webmistresses to work at our own pace and our own styles, but also it's very friendly and accommodating technical support. As we are just ordinary people who had the crazy idea to put up a fan site, we had qualms about our capacity to understand the ins and outs of creating, launching and maintaining a website. But BigBytes' control panel proved easy to use, provided instructions, and offered various alternatives to match our needs. Not only that, but their Technical Support was very supportive as well. It was icing on the cake that their services were affordable, too.

- Danniel Yan, F4 Friends United, Philippines

" is the best hosing service that we have come across so far. Their cost effective hosting services packaged into an unmatched range of features, the server speeds, the prompt support and the empathy towards the customer are the best that we have experienced.

It has been a pleasure working with bigbytes. Keep it up, and we will be with you!

- Ravi Rajapathirane, CEO , Cyber Concepts (pvt) Ltd , Sri Lanka

I signed up with in March of 2003. I use for my family website and email with my own domain name. I work in IT as a System Support Specialist, but I don't have much experience with website design. I use Microsoft FrontPage to do the work for me. EASY!!! That was a major requirement in my decision making process. I examined probably 10 different web hosts and narrowed it down to two. What I liked about was the inexpensive cost per Megabyte and all the options and services they provide. I love the control I get with They have many options that I probably won't even hit on many of them. Phone support would be nice, but they handle their support very well through email better than I expected. I will probably be a long time customer of and I give them the highest marks and recommendations.

- Andy Slettum,

Thank you for your prompt service and concern for our web business. We have had service with other providers that have never delivered on their promises. I am sure many of us have experienced that. It has been a pleasure to do business with a company that not only delivers what is promised but goes out of their way to provide that service! Please feel free to share my praise for your excellent service with others that may be looking for web and email services.

- Robert Terry, President, CREST Corporation

The best thing about is that it is the easiest to sign up for and what is requested is provided without any hassles unlike other services. I have registered about four different website before this one and had them hosted, but everytime time there was so much follow up needed with all the companies, it was a major hassle. The best thing about is the "Hassle free registration and hosting of website at a very affordable price". My colleagues were skeptical about going with a low price service as generally low price is associated with bad service. Not the case with

Thank you for your wonderful support and service.

- Ram Sathappan, Executive Director BioSecure Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I can not believe how much you get from BigBytes while only spending a minimal amount. I have been super happy with the service and products offered. It has been more than I could ask for.

- Victor A. Donato , Reliable Benefits

After few weeks of searching for affordable web hosting I fortunately discovered a If you are looking for a web hosting for your home page, small business page or even a corporate page. Web hosting with a great list of futures for a very reasonable price. Web hosting where customer service really taking care of their customers - is a perfect choice for you.

- Serge Shaliga, is the best hosting service I've been able to find yet. The price is unbelievable, with all of its features, outstanding support and uptime...the only way you could believe it is to try it for yourself.

- Spencer Neese,