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You may login to your client area and open a ticket.  Please include the following requirements to request for SSH access in your ticket.

1. Scan copy of a valid identification such as drivers licence (back & forth). Must contain information in English characters.
2. Detailed explanation as to the need for SSH access (Please refer to the note below)
3. Domain name or cpanel account
4. Specify how long you have been a customer of BigBytes.Net

SSH is a security issue, we do not give it out for a convenience or "so we can do things quicker" There is too many security related issues by having SSH. You are on a shared server and we have to consider the good of all our customers when we allow or deny these request. And yes it might be likely you lose a customer or two as a Reseller because of this, however in the big picture by allowing SSH to anyone who requests it, then they hack or do something which brings down the server or something else, we will close there site, and your site which means it affects ALL your customers, and ours, not only are your customers out of a host provider while you find a new one, and then try to reset things up, we have to fix things and work to calm our other customers because of what someone else did. If you want SSH give us a reason which is a valid, substantial and necessary reason to have SSH access. And we will grant it.

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