Accessing a customer site while domain is propagating? Question: I have set up a customers site, and uploaded files - how can I view that site while the... Creating a Custom Nameserver or Hostname 1) When you order a reseller account, you get the ability to use a custom name server. A custom... How long does it take to set up my reseller account? Instantly, once you place your order you will receive and email confirmation with login and... How to Route Emails to another server outside our network? How to Route Emails to another server outside our network.Difficulty Level: 1If you have a client... I would like to start small and once I build up my client base upgrade my account, can I do that? You are able to upgrade your account to anyone of our reseller plans at anytime from the client... Is there any per domain fee once I become a reseller? No, once you sign up for a reseller hosting plan there are no other additional fees to add... What about my hosting company site, who hosts that? Once you become a reseller, your web site space is automatically created for you - so you get to... What do you offer to help me manage my reseller plan and clients? We offer you such back-end management tools as Web Hosting Manager (WHM) control panel which... What does overselling mean? Overselling is a term using in cPanel to describe how your reseller account is set up. Many... What features do I get and that I can offer to my customers? With all out account we do not limit your features, you get unlimited features, and using... What if I have other questions about WHM not listed here? Please refer to the link below to access the comprehensive knowledge base of WHM.... What if you do not want to sell space but have multiple domains? If you have more than one domain to manage, you can sign up for a reseller plan. You can then... What is a reseller? A reseller hosting plan allows you to own, and operate your own web site hosting company. You can... What will I be responsible for and what are you responsible for? BigBytes.Net responsibilities to you, the reseller:- We provide direct technical support only to... Why do my customer sites show a cPanel theme? During the creation of a hosting package there is a drop down to choose cPanel theme. The default...
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