I could not access my site due to IP blocking, why? Print

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The reason the firewall would be blocking your IP is due to one of two major reasons.

a) You attempt to login to your account unsucessfully several times within a 8-10 minutes.

b) You attempt to retrieve pages from your site and get 404 error (8-10 attempts within 10 minutes.

The firewall is set up to block the IP of the offenders to protect you as well as our servers from malicious attacks. Please take care when logging into your site, either through FTP, Control Panel, or Admin Area.

If you find that you can not access your site, and you think that it is your IP, please submit a trouble ticket to support with the IP that your ISP has assigned you so we can investigate.

Furthermore, if you are a web developer, you may be getting a lot of 404 error and this may cause you being blocked by our system every now and then. You may want to submit your static IP address to our support department and we'll include your IP in our white list.

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